This happens to me quite a lot. At best, it's frustrating and forces me to lose time rewriting answers. At worst, I don't have time, so potentially helpful answers never get posted.

  • I'm on the mobile site, happily drafting an answer.
  • For whatever reason, while writing I lose my connection, but I don't notice because I'm focused on writing this answer.
  • I hit "post", and my browser goes to a blank no connection error page.
  • I reconnect, hit "back", get back to the post answer form, and get an empty content box. My work's been lost.

Suggested solution:

  • Have the current "post answer" button as a fallback in a <noscript>
  • If JS is enabled, have the post answer button do the following:
    • Switch to a "Working..." indicator
    • Try to submit the answer via AJAX, without (yet) leaving the page
    • On success, move to the success page
    • On failure, display an so appropriate "Can't connect" message without leaving the page, so the user's work isn't lost, re-enabling the "Post answer" button so they can try again after fixing their connection


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