From the official help page on searching:

The following search operators can be used with values of yes/no, true/false, or 1/0 (each pair behaves the same):

But this is not how isanswered: is actually working!

For example, see this query. Searching on the SFF site using is:question isanswered:0 answers:1 should return questions that have at least one answer but no accepted or positively-scored answers. Instead, the results include questions like this and this which have accepted answers.

The description of the `isanswered:` search option should instead read something like:
  • isanswered: yes/true/1 returns only questions that have at least one positively-scored answer; no/false/0 returns only questions with no positively-scored answers.

Well, either that or the actual search algorithm should be changed, but I bet I know which is easier!


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I'd say the documentation was incorrect here - given that we do have a hasaccepted operator that does take accepted status into account.

So, fixed the documentation here.


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