When selecting which badge to track, there is now one that I haven't seen before:

Educated Badge

If I select it and click "Go Get It", I get a 404 page. What is this badge for? Is it for the new Documentation part of Stack Overflow and not supposed to be shown yet?

I have seen it on Stack Overflow, Electrical Engineering, and MSE, but is not listed on the "Badges" page for those sites, or here: List of all badges with full descriptions


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This is a forthcoming badge for Documentation - it wasn't meant to be enabled just yet.

A build will soon disable this badge until Documentation is live on a given site. However, if you've chosen to track this badge, you'll need to choose a different one manually, because I'm too lazy* to remove your choice :P

Good eyes finding it, though!

* or too scared to run updates on production databases.


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