When I type in some search, I do not always want to end up on the "relevance" tab. Use-case:

I use the search to 'filter' for newly active questions by using the search field
is:question -[foo]
so that I see what is currenlty active, but not tagged with . (Everything else but )

I do then want to end up on either the active or the newest tab, but not on the relevance tab.

From a quick search, this seems to be like that by design ( ), but I would like to suggest a slightly alternative request, which might keep best of both worlds:

Can the search box get some addtional 'command' flag keyword to specifiy the destination tab?

Essentially, I would suggest that entering is:q -[foo] works as of now, but that entering is:q -[foo] @newest would open the newest tab instead. And similar for keywords @votes and @active.

I don't care if @ is the best keyword, maybe not, any syntax would do...


More than a year later and not a single answer or comment. Am I missing something? I was searching for the same thing today and still can't find the relevant information. Why not have an addtional advanced search option for the sorting/tab?

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