On some Stack Exchange site I have two questions that are put on hold and may be closed soon.

I guess this will happen a lot, so does something bad happen when you ask questions that are put on hold and closed constantly?

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You might get question-banned.

With enough closed or negatively-scoring questions, the system may decide that you're no longer trusted to post questions and automatically block you from doing so.

But don't panic! According to Shog9 (a Stack Exchange employee):

  • There are multiple, cooperating algorithms at work. Some of them result in permanent bans, others just apply stricter rate-limits to askers.
  • Not all questions are taken into account. Everyone makes mistakes; banning you for one would be unfair... Unless making mistakes is all you do here.
  • Well-received questions count for a lot. Really, any participation that demonstrates you're not a complete drain on the system helps in avoiding the ban.
  • Zero-scored posts don't help at all. This isn't some MMO where you can grind your way to victory by mindless clicking; someone has to find your work useful.
  • The faster you're posting questions, the faster you'll get banned if those questions aren't well-received. Given it takes some amount of time for even well-written questions to attract attention, if you're hitting the rate-limits for questions per day/month and aren't also dripping with upvotes you should probably be somewhat concerned.

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