I went Area51 proposal page. There in the Who is this site for? section I see a strange warning as below: (to see it, focus the "This site is for" text box)

Who is Uncle Marv?

Is this a random name? or any fun behind that?
Because I can't find any reference for the Uncle Marv in Internet.

Quoting the message for better future search:

Your site should focus on pilots, not passengers; lawyers, not lawbreakers; professional photographers, not Uncle Marv with his digital point-n-shoot.


Using the word 'Uncle' implies family / (or sometimes acquaintance).

Marv is just a name. Because every uncle has a name. Nobody special (as far as I know)

In this case it's just an English-language colloquial way of differentiating someone who is not a professional.

Here it's translated as: "It's for people who know what they're doing. Not for amateurs".

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enter image description here

It's really just a commentary on how your uncle, who isn't a professional photographer (but thinks he is), doesn't need a site.

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    That is...not a Google image search I'm going to be repeating. – ArtOfCode Apr 13 '16 at 21:52

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