note: this should not be duplicate of Filtering "hot" questions since its about ios-app

I use iOS app mostly to read Hot Questions (95% of the time), while riding a public transport or before bed. (I rarely almost never, read hot questions on computer; in fact I discovered hot questions when I installed iOS app itself a year ago)

I use iOS app every day (important), and it is a nightmare to read same question title twice or trice.

It would be convenient to filter hot questions by

  1. new - questions that I have not read yet
  2. participated in - questions that I have interacted with (upvote, comment...)
  3. old - questions that I have seen && not interacted with

below part already requested as mentioned by Shadow Wizard - How can I prevent the app from showing "interesting" questions from sites I don't care about?

Global filter to remove certain stackexchange sites from "my hot questions"; or just add functionality to swipe to hide (in that case just filter for hidden, all, not-hidden).



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