SE currently use Prettify for syntax highlighting. However, there are still some languages which have no support from default Prettify, or by the extensions that SE may be using. If I wanted to test or use an extension to Prettify on SE sites, how can I do so?

I tried, manually using the developer console, to append a <script> tag containing Prettify extension. That worked when I tried it on a post which used syntax highlighting. On a post which didn't have any syntax-highlighted parts, I get this error:

vim.js?_=1461171970788:20 Uncaught ReferenceError: PR is not defined

Now, how do I apply the new extension to a code block on that page? Manually changing the pre tag's class attribute doesn't seem to make an difference.

Turns out, that was because I forgot to append lang- to the language name. This finally worked:

StackExchange.using('prettify', function () {a = document.createElement('script'); a.src="//…/foo.js"; $('head').append(a);})

And then <!-- language: foo --> markers started working.

  • Not sure what you're actually trying but the full un-minified script used by SE is here. Maybe you can figure out if there is something changed or hidden that you expect to be available. – rene Apr 20 '16 at 17:19
  • @rene turns out that question had nothing highlighted and so the script wasn't loaded at all. I tried on another post, and the script loaded fine. – muru Apr 20 '16 at 17:24

You can make sure Prettify is loaded by invoking StackExchange.using('prettify', <callback>) in your script, which will then guarantee that PR is available in the global scope.

I did this a while ago as part of a quick proof-of-concept for Mathematica highlighting (which may or may not work correctly now, depending on whether or not anything's changed).

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