So I don't know what to think about this question.

It has several tags, but is it marked as both AND , i.e. it was both declined and accepted in the same time... ?

I saw a question: How does a question go from a status-completed to status-declined? I'm pretty sure it wasn't BOTH at once.


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The answer explains it all, a part of the feature requested has been implemented. The other part hasn't been implemented and won't be. Hence, it has and at the same time.

Now you see the importance of asking one question a time :)


This was brought up in chat a while ago, so I'll repeat my replies here.

Essentially, it means that part of the feature request has been declined, while other part accepted and implemented.

Using a different example, the OP asked for two things. One was done (moderators can no longer remigrate a question), and the other declined (moderators can still migrate to every child meta, request to change this declined). Having only one of the tags would be technically wrong.

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