An upvote on a question fetches +5. Whereas an upvote on an answer fetches +10. Why is this so? Isn't asking the right question important to get the right answer?


The site is about getting answers to questions, so it makes sense to award answers more.

It's much easier to ask a question about something you don't know the answer to than it is to have the answer to a question.

Finally - answering a question is providing direct help to someone, whereas asking for help is requesting someone give up their time for you.

The fact a question remains open and appropriate enough to get answers is basically its own reward. If someone chooses to take time to provide a solution then that is something more worthy of a reward than just being able to articulate a problem. Giving a reward for asking a question is really just a way of encouraging content to the site. But giving a reward for answers is a way of encouraging quality, useful content to the site.

  • "It is much easier to ask a question" .. I don't quite agree with that.. What Stack Exchange considers to be a good question is one that shows effort and good research. It is not easy to ask such a question. – Aswin P J Apr 25 '16 at 14:39
  • But the answer to a question is stage two of the process. Stage 1: have a problem. Stage 2: solve the problem. It's harder to get to stage 2 than stage 1, therefore it deserves more reward. – JonW Apr 25 '16 at 14:42

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