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Allow high-reputation users to add post notices (perhaps as a 30k privilege?)

I'm suggesting we let gold tag badge holders add post notices (even if it's just a subset).

This way experts, who can't know everything on a subject, will be able to point out when a post needs references.


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In addition to what I wrote on the related question:

Tags with gold badge holders are somewhat rare.

Gold badges are a pretty clever way to deal with duplicates: as the number of questions in a tag grow, gold badges scale right alongside. I really like the idea of tying post notices to expertise in a tag, but nobody on Skeptics has a gold or silver tag badge. There are a few bronze tag badges, but I don't suppose that collection is very useful. I could see this privilege being given to people how have either a rather high reputation or some level of badge in the question's tags. But I think it would be best to start with a reputation-based privilege.

  • Thanks for your input Jon. We've got a few gold tag badge holders on sci-fi, and I feel it might benefit us to implement that there. Apr 28, 2016 at 6:43

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