If two people happen to comment on a question or answer, do I have to reply to them in separate comments (as below)

@ExampleGuy no, I do not have one.


@ExampleGirl I can do that.

Or should I use a unified comment:

@ExampleGuy no, I do not have one; @ExampleGirl I can do that.


Do two different comments. If you try to do two @mentions in one comment, only one user will be notified.

See here:

Can I notify more than one person at a time?

No. Comments containing more than one @name are blocked unless they contain a backtick `. In the latter case, only the first name mentioned using the @name syntax will be notified. For example, @alice `@bob Hi!` will notify Alice (if she has participated in that post), but not Bob.

An exception is the case when the first @name either matched nobody, or matched the post's author (and thus isn't necessary); in this case, the next @name will be checked.

Can I change who gets notified after the comment is posted?

When editing a comment within its limited editing period, if you change or add @name, the notification may or may not reach the new recipient depending on timing.

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