When hover the icons of the Meta User and Main User in the profile page on per-site and per-site meta, I see the title as meta site favicon and parent site favicon. These titles are applied only for icons not for the links.

For the Stack Exchange profile also the same issue occurred. After inspect the element I see the title is applied for the icon div only.

<a href="http://stackexchange.com/users/2855348/arulkumar">
    <div class="favicon favicon-stackexchange" title="stack exchange network profile"></div>
    Network Profile

My Questions are:

  1. Why the title is applied only for icon div, not for the <a> ?
  2. Do we need the titles for the icons (meta site favicon / parent site favicon) ?

Screenshot taken from the SO site, but the same happened for all SE sites.

Note: I can't take the screenshot with hand cursor, so I added arrow mark instead

Title for the icons

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