When a question is migrated, any comment that mentions the name of the target site is automatically deleted. This makes sense when the comment is “you should have posted on <site>”, but comments that also contain other useful information, such as suggestions of possible improvements in the question¹ or of possible places where to look for an answer also get deleted.

While comments are meant to be temporary, they are normally not deleted without human review. A comment on a recent question is likely not past its read-by date and should not be deleted without a good reason.

Comments like “post on <site>” when the question is now on <site> can be confusing, but deleting comments can also be confusing, even to seasoned users (examples: 1 2). It's easy enough to flag a comment that should be deleted², and very difficult to find a comment that got deleted by the migration (it's still visible but not under a public URL: you have to know where to look³ and to know that you should be looking there).

Please do not automatically delete comments upon migration unless they only say “you should have posted on <site>” and nothing else. The heuristic should default to keeping the comment. If there's no good heuristic, that's fine: just remove that feature altogether.

¹ Yes, a question can be both of good enough quality to migrate and yet not so perfect that it can't be improved.
² When I cast the last close vote on a question that gets migrated, I routinely visit it on the target site to at least retag it, and possibly flag now-obsolete comments such as “this belongs on <nickname for the target site>”.
³ Add ?noredirect=1 to the original URL, i.e. http://ORIGINALSITE.stackexchange.com/questions/NUMBER?noredirect=1


I agree; sometimes comments mention another site but also provide other guidance, like "X is on topic there but they have special requirements; see (help link)".

Let's treat comments that link to the current site the same way we treat comments containing certain magic words: a single flag deletes them. Yes, this means that "you should post this on X" gets through initially, but it's easy to clean up, even by the person who migrated it. (Trust me; moderators sometimes forget to clean up comments, and, of course, if it's a community migration the close-voters can't clean them up first.)

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  • I assume you mean "current site homepage"? – Nathan Tuggy Aug 29 '19 at 7:36
  • 1
    @NathanTuggy good point. I hadn't really thought about that. If a comment (then on another site) links to a specific help topic or question on the target site, then yes I agree those shouldn't be available for "easy" deleting. – Monica Cellio Aug 29 '19 at 14:36

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