There is a growing number of Stack Exchange communities. It happened a few times, that I was not sure, to which community my question suited the best and it also happened, that I totally forgot about a community and I asked a question in the wrong one.

For example I asked a Raspberry Pi question on Super User, although there is a Raspberry Pi community.

I think it's possible to detect from the title and the tags, to which community a question suits the best. If it's the case, that the user is about to post a question on the wrong community, a hint could be displayed.

Another idea to approach this problem is to implement something like a wizard. I imagine this like a text field, where you can enter tags. Then the most suitable community appears.

  • We already have something better in place though. A question with the "biochemistry" tag may either fir Chem or Biology.SE and nothing other than a regular can tell you where to go.
    – M.A.R.
    May 22 '16 at 11:51
  • We do have site-recommendation for questions about where a question could be asked...
    – rene
    May 22 '16 at 11:52
  • Okay, I didn't know about this. Maybe it's possible to make the work-flow easier for the user, to find the right site.
    – Robin
    May 22 '16 at 11:53

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