I posted a comment on an answer, and refreshed the page. I then noticed that someone else had also posted a comment. His comment had an earlier timestamp, but was below mine.


What happened? (I'm using the Android app, if that matters.)


I think you're basically just seeing a UI glitch re: merging data; perhaps it used the local device time for simulating a fast UI update for your answer as you added it ("fake it until you make it"), but basically: your comment was genuinely there first. You can see this in the main web app by hovering on the times; yours is 2016-05-26 18:49:32Z, the second one is 2016-05-26 18:49:45Z. Or at the database:

database view of comment data

So: the only thing wrong is the relative date displayed in the Android app at the point the comment is first created. In reality, it is a very edge condition; but we should keep it on the list to check whether we want to tweak the app to update itself with the times (etc.) after they have been saved.

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