I think the message system in Stack Exchange sites is from the 90's. There are no groups/categories in the inbox. If it would categorize, it will be a great help for those who are searching old messages of a particular Stack Exchange site.

So I'm just requesting a new feature for it.

  • If you just want more space than there is available in the inbox to look at your notifications, you can use the network inbox.
    – ArtOfCode
    Jun 1 '16 at 11:09

In my opinion the inbox is okay the way it is. The inbox just shows the items sorted on date, and that is the way I usually prefer it.

If you want to dig deeper, or want to filter on the inbox items, you can use your profile page which contains a responses tab. You can filter and (manually) search there.


The reputation notification has a small part where the rep for the day for the individual site is displayed. This is because a user might accumulate several rep for a single day, and thus that feature makes sense.

However, it is very rare that a user has a lot of comments in his inbox. In fact, I don't have more than 10 inbox messages at a time, and for high-rep/active users, it must be around 25 or so.

And those can be easily sifted through. So, making a feature which doesn't really add a significant utility doesn't really make sense and is not advised.

And, as lot of users prefer the inbox feature as is (agreeing with Patrick here). So, maybe it isn't worth spending developer time on.

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