Yesterday I posted a question detailing my walk down a lengthy linked list of duplicates to finally find my Russian doll of an answer.

It would have been so convenient to have had a Table of Duplicates, so I could have easily seen at a glance what different variations might be. A summary of top-voted ones would be especially useful considering there's no limit to how many there could be in a linked chain. I upvoted that feature-request, but since it's from 2010 it's probably just not worth it to implement. It was even stirred up again in 2013 with the Duplicate Questions sidebar, on which Shog9 said:

Duplicates should be a subset of "linked" questions. This isn't entirely true at the moment, but will be shortly.

Shortly can take a while in my experience, and I'm sure this is implemented to some extent already. But neither Shog's comment nor Jeff Atwood's answer were fully satisfying the feature request. At any rate, I think that everyone agrees it's a good idea.

So I propose a small deliverable starting point that will likely only be progress toward both of these proposals. And that is to just provide a direct link to the root duplicate question (the question that is not marked as a duplicate) on a closed duplicate question. It doesn't even have to muddle the sidebar, just a link below the closed message.


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