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How to get attention for your old, unanswered questions

I am not getting any responses on any question I've asked in the last two days? Why is that? Have I done something wrong?

  • No idea, but you do ask a lot more questions than you answer. Besides, this one isn't programming related. – John W Nov 1 '09 at 5:39
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    I guess this question got down-voted before migrated here. It's relevent here though is kind of a dup. I'll try to neutralise the vote. It's -4 at the time of this comment which I thought is bit harsh IMHO :P – o.k.w Nov 1 '09 at 6:19
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In my opinion, asking question is an art. You need not have perfect command of English.

Here are a few pointers (by no means exhaustive):

  • Have a good question title, so people have a good idea of the context and they will know if it's something they have the expertise/interest to answer.
  • Relevent tags, reason same as above and also ease search and those who browse by tags.
  • Structure your question properly especially if it is long and complex.
  • Can the question be spilt into 2 or more so each portion can have discrete answer? Give it some thought. If the splitted questions are have related context, hyperlink them up.
  • Give respect to those who attempt to read and answer your question, they have no obligation so make it easy for them to read and be polite :)

The list goes on and on, hope it helps.


One thing you may want to consider is to edit your question. You can take on board comments people have made that will make it a better question, or simply change it yourself.

By making the question active again, it returns to the top of some views.

Another way, if you really want more answers and you have enough rep, is to offer a bounty.