As of February this year, the iOS app supports wildcard tags - yay!

I've just noticed however that while the app supports loading questions from favourite wildcard tags, if you make changes to any of your favourite tags on the app, it removes the wildcard status from all of them.

That is, adding/editing/removing any favourite tag on a site, through the iOS app, turns all other favourite tags that are wildcards, into non-wildcard favourites. For example, adding [laravel] as a favourite on the app makes [javascript*] turn into just [javascript]. That change then takes effect both on the app and on the website.

I can temporarily work around the problem by fixing my tags when I get back to the computer, but it does appear to be a bug.


This will be fixed in the next API build.

The API was incorrectly sanitizing wildcard tags.

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    Awesome, thanks for responding Brian. And thanks so much for your hard work on the app, it is very nicely built. – Tim Malone Jun 28 '16 at 23:26

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