Currently, one can make short links to some common SE-related locations with the syntax:


Essentially, it fills the same niche as Interwiki in MediaWiki.

But, the feature is not as complete as its MediaWiki counterpart. Sometimes, I wish to insert such a link but provide my own text that more organically fits into the message. Current syntax doesn't allow me to do that.

So, I propose to:

  • Support and accept the "inter-SE" links wherever a URL is accepted:
    • in Markdown
      • primarily as a syntax like [text](magic-keyword)
      • (discussable) I didn't yet need the support in [text][ref#] syntax but it may be easier to support both at the same time
    • (discussable) in Hyperlink wizard
  • (discussable) To avoid confusion with pristine URLs if/where it arises, we can change the syntax a little: to, say, [magic-prefix:<optional-rest-of-the-URL>] like, you guessed it, MediaWiki already does.
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    So, use magic-prefix as the URL scheme? Seems reasonable. – Nathan Tuggy Jun 23 '16 at 21:10

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