I can't see subj anywhere. E.g. this post doesn't have anything unusual in its Posts entry. Neither is there any entity in the schema with "migration" in its name.

Specifically, I'm interested in all questions migrated from SO to OpenSource.SE and Programmers.SE to find a specific one.

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You want to inspect the posthistory table for that, specially the rows for posthistorytypeid's 35 (away) and 36 (here), the comment field on those rows hold the original url

Your query would look like this:

select postid as [Post Link]
     , creationdate
     , posthistorytypeid
     , case 
       when posthistorytypeid = 35 then 'Migrated Away'
       when posthistorytypeid = 36 then 'Migrated Here'
     , comment     
from posthistory 
where postid = 36025884

which results in:

enter image description here

Keep in mind that post stubs will be deleted over time (60 days IIRC) so you won't find the migration history of all posts.

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