I answered one of my questions (see How can I use Microsoft Word's spelling/grammar checker programmatically?) and accepted it but it randomly appears first or second (out of two answers).



by design.

accepting your own answer confers no sorting benefits. See this and other rules:


  • ah, maybe this explains the recent spate of wonky sorting i've been witnessing on SU (and meta too, it seems). as a random reader (neither the question poster nor an answer poster), i've been very confused about why an accepted answer isn't at the top of a by-vote-sorted list of answers. i haven't checked that all the observed cases are indeed answered-by-questioner, so maybe that's it. but as an exception to the general sorting rule for accepted answers, it just makes me think that something's broken. Nov 18 '09 at 19:26
  • sorry, this is by design Nov 19 '09 at 1:10

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