On AskUbuntu, there is this question. In the sidebar, under "Linked questions", there is a link to this question, which has been closed as duplicate and merged with the first question.

For anonymous, not-logged-in users, duplicate questions automatically redirect to the dupe target.

In this case, this results in a poor user experience for anonymous users, since they click on the linked question in the sidebar, only to be taken back to where they were. My reaction when I experienced this while not logged in was pretty much "Huh, what's going on here ?".

I suggest that this is fixed, either by:

  • Disabling the redirect (add noredirect=1 to the URL) for such duplicate questions linked to in the sidebar

  • Hide duplicate questions which are a duplicate of the question the user is currently looking at from the sidebar.

  • +1 I wouldn't call it a bug per se, but it certainly is a sensible feature request. After all, these are shown in the "Linked" section as well. – yo' Jul 5 '16 at 18:26

We're passing noredirect=1 now. (It may take a bit for caches to expire)

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