I wanted to make a community visible again and my first idea was to go the network profile to do it, but found there no option or tab to do so.

After seeing this answer, I then went to some account and did it.

Why is it not available in the Network Profile?

At a first glance, it seems to me like it should be its place there, and not in the individual accounts (at least not only)...


Well, the problem is – there is no information at all which you can update in the Network Profile. You can update your profile by copying it from one of your per-site profiles, that's about it. While the option is definitely connected to the Network Profile, it would be confusing to have that as the only option you could edit there.

I guess that if Stack Exchange ever decides to move the maintenance of other network-wide options (logins, flair) to the Network Profile, they will migrate the hide/show communities option there as well.

  • I guess no information at all is the key here :) – Luis Jul 10 '16 at 17:18

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