It might be an idea to allow users to migrate their own questions between sites. This can for example be allowed when all the following condition match:

  1. The question has a maximum of X up-votes (for example 5)1,
  2. The user had a minimal reputation of X on both the source and the target site (for example 1.000)
  3. The question is not older than X amount of time (for example a week).

Sometimes I see questions that will fit way better on another site in the Stack Exchange family.

Any thoughts on such a feature? Also a badge can be created for the first move and maybe others related to moving.

Note: The threshold will be high, because a certain number of reputation points on both sites and the amount of votes and question age will limit the range of questions that can be self-migrated. Therefore it will prevent users from massively starting to migrate questions. The reputation makes self-migration a privilege to be earned.

1. Upvotes only because a question is likely to be downvoted when asked on the wrong site. And unlikely to be upvoted on the wrong site.


To a degree, the question asker already has this control... if a user requests that their question be moved using the "In need of moderator attention" flag and the mods determine that the question is a good fit on the other site, the question is quite likely to be moved...

Or, if the question meets the deletion requirements, they can simply delete it and re-ask it on the other site, no migration necessary.

I don't know why self-migration is needed.

The badges are outright horrid ideas because then people will start intentionally asking questions on the wrong site just so they can migrate them.

  • Ok, good point about the badge indeed. But deleting and asking on another forum is less user friendly then asking and waiting for a mod to do it. – Bob Ortiz Jul 11 '16 at 19:51
  • 2
    SE sites are not forums. Deleting and reasking is pretty easy (if you don't have any upvoted answers). Not sure what's particularly less user friendly than potentially waiting several hours for a mod to agree to a migration. – Catija Jul 11 '16 at 19:52
  • Thanks, I changed the question slightly. – Bob Ortiz Jul 11 '16 at 19:55

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