Elections generally have a meta question, linked to in bold at the top of the election page with the text "The candidates answer your questions."

Can we include, in each candidate's nomination box, a link to the candidate's answer on that particular meta question, appropriately labelled?

I noticed in the now-ongoing Puzzling election, there are some candidates whose nomination text includes a link saying something like "My answers to the moderator election Q&A here," which appears to have been edited in by the candidate directly. However, when an election has no primary (e.g. the ongoing election at Law), it's impossible for a candidate to edit that in because that meta question doesn't even get posted until the actual start of the voting.

Yes, one can get to it indirectly through "meta posts" or through the bold link above the list of candidates, but the percentage of voters who figure out that the election Q&A is really just a meta question and that answers are "posts" might not be that large, even among the subset of voters who know what meta is.


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I had this in the question, but per Monica Cellio's comment am moving it to an answer:

Yes, we should do that.

Here's one example of what it might look like:
Example mock-up

Here is an example query that can be used for finding the URL the link should point to; the site domain would be a variable in a real implementation.

  • I didn't mean to suggest that you move your proposed UI. I meant that the query you linked demonstrates a way that it could be implemented, and that's the key to this answer. Sorry if I caused you any churn. Jul 26, 2016 at 15:06
  • Yeah, the first version of this answer just had the query link moved down from the question, but it looked like a rather inadequate answer. Moving the UI mock-up down made it seem more complete, and the UI is more part of a proposed solution than it is part of the problem it solves or the high-level description of the proposed solution. Others could propose something different to implement the same high-level description given in the question.
    – WBT
    Jul 26, 2016 at 15:08

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