I was looking at the WorldBuilding.SE Sandbox, and I noticed it was owned by a real user, unlike the PPCG sandbox. I clicked on the user's name, and this is what I saw: None

Clicking on "Main user",

N one

Why is this user listed as an OpenSource.SE mod twice?

As requested, the user is ArtOfCode.

  • Can you link the user? – Patrick Hofman Jul 30 '16 at 14:54
  • @PatrickHofman I did not for privacy reasons. Should I have? – NoOneIsHere Jul 30 '16 at 15:12
  • 3
    Looks like a failed account merge, which is probably pretty rare for moderators. – Shadow The Burning Wizard Jul 30 '16 at 15:35
  • 6
    Why go through another election when you can just clone a mod? – Jamal Jul 30 '16 at 17:46
  • Yeah. Let's clone Oded too @jamal – Patrick Hofman Jul 30 '16 at 19:08
  • Heh. And there was me thinking nobody had noticed my surreptitious duplication. TL;DR: I accidentally made @AdamLear work in the evening :) – ArtOfCode Jul 30 '16 at 22:52

We had a bug with a mod-only feature where it accidentally created duplicate profiles when used by mods who moderate multiple sites. There was no harm done here beyond it looking weird.

The profiles have been merged, so ArtOfCode no longer has evil twins...that we know of.

  • 6
    Actually, that might've been the good twin... – Jamal Jul 30 '16 at 20:45

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