About a year ago the offensive flag was subject to some renaming, which finally settled down on rude or abusive. This has the advantage of capturing non-offensive abuses of the site and thus clearly applies to some forms of trolling to which offensive did not clearly apply.

However, in several parts of the interface (probably everywhere except in the flag dialogue), these flags are still called offensive:

User flag history

Post view

Post flag history

This leads to unnecessary confusion¹ and counteracts the new terminology being established. In particular some moderators almost only see those parts of the interface where offensive is still used and thus did not even notice the change.

¹ “Why did you flag that as offensive? It’s not offensive.” – “But it’s abusive.” – “Yes but the flag is called offensive.” – “No, it isn’t.” – …


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I've gone through the codebase and updated a bunch of places that had "offensive" to "rude or abusive" (or similar - I did what made sense according to context).

This has been deployed already.

Please let me know if you find any that I've missed.


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