Since October 2015 flag history page provides filters for various flag outcomes:

links which can be used to easily see declined, disputed, helpful, etc outcomes of your flags...

These changes were made to make the long flag history page a bit easier to maneuver.

In July 2016 (network wide in August) it became possible to cancel (retract) flags. This added a new kind of outcome to the flag history - in unfiltered page such flags are marked as "self-removed".

Currently there is no way to filter flag history page by cancelled flags outcome: https://i.stack.imgur.com/DuEo7.png

Suggest to add a link allowing to filter flag history by cancelled flags just like it is done for other kind outcomes.


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This has been done in the latest build. You'll see a new filter category called retracted which will filter any of the flags you self-removed. Thanks to Michael Stum for getting this out so quickly!

New Flag History

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    fix confirmed: I see retracted category in my flag summary page and link works as expected, referring to the list of the flags I retracted
    – gnat
    Aug 26, 2016 at 19:47

I agree, there should be a link.

Not so much because it's important to be able to filter out only self-removed flags, but because currently the flag counts don't add up. From your screenshot:

14,976 post flags

1 waiting for review
14,570 helpful
299 declined
105 disputed

But 1+14,570+299+105 isn't 14,976; it's 14,975. This discrepancy between the whole and the sum of its apparent parts will drive pedants like myself absolutely wild!

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