The following close reason appears on every single Stack Exchange site when you're voting/flagging to close a question as off-topic:

Blatantly off-topic (this question has nothing to do with [INSERT SCOPE HERE])

Questions that fit to this reason seem to disappear right after the closure. Do they get automatically deleted, or is there something else going on?


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In general, blatantly off-topic is only available when flagging to close but not when voting to close¹. As users with the close privilege get shown the close-vote dialogue when trying to flag to close, this means that this option is not available to them at all¹. Once you have the close privilege, you have to use another close reason or a custom close reason instead (which you can then word identically)¹.

The close reason shown below a question is that chosen by the majority of the close voters. As they cannot choose blatantly off-topic, you will never find a question closed with that reason. If the majority of close voters opt for a custom close reason, you get:

This question does not appear to be about [scope] within the scope defined in the help center.

but without blatantly off-topic.

Once closed, users with the trusted user privilege can vote to delete them; two days later, users with the moderator tools privilege can do so as well. Moreover, after a week, automatic deletion mechanisms apply.

At any time (before or after closure), diamond moderators can instantly delete the question, which is particularly likely for blatantly off-topic questions.

There is no mechanism, however, that instantly deletes such questions after closure.

¹ except on those sites which have a similar site-specific close reason, e.g., Meta SE (this very site)


They'll either get deleted by three users who have enough reputation to vote to delete which is at 10k for questions older than three days or at 20k for immediate delete votes.

If they are egregiously off topic then a moderator might well delete immediately too.

If this doesn't happen then there's an automatic process that deletes closed negatively scoring questions after 30 days.

The other thing that might well be happening is that, as the post is more than likely got a negative score, it is not being shown on the home page, as questions with a score of -4 or less aren't shown on the home page.

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