So I made an edit to an answer on History Stack Exchange. After saving, the site encouraged me to create a user account, which I immediately did. But the original edit I made is still anonymous, and only appears on the page when I log out of my account (since it is still awaiting review). This is infuriating. How do I associate the edit I originally made with my newly created user account? This should be automatic, or at least simple to do.

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Welcome to the network! Unfortunately, I don't think it's possible. But any edits you make from now on will be under your account.

It takes a little while for edits to be reviewed because it takes two users to review it. Users need a certain amount of reputation to be able to review edits, too.

Is this your edit? It's already been approved. Everyone, including you, should be able to see the edit.

For more information about editing, read How do suggested edits work?.

  • Yes, that was it. Thank you!
    – Dyonysos
    Aug 18, 2016 at 5:31

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