I created the question Excel when connected to external data: "We found a problеm with some content in [file]", trying to summarise the issue in the title.

The (shortened) error message precisely identifies the specific issue I experience, however the word "problem" is not allowed in the question title, so I resorted to using l33t-speak.

I could have used a more generic description, but that would mean visitors wouldn't conclusively know from the title, if the questions concerns the issue they're experiencing, or a similar issue.

This seems like a silly and counter-productive restriction, which potentially makes perfectly valid questions harder to find by searching.

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    In a nutshell: the few false positives as in your case are nothing compared to the thousands of "plz solve my problem" titles we would be getting if it will be allowed. – Shadow9 Sep 7 '16 at 8:34

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