I have gotten reviews in First Posts for posts that I have already taken an action on "in the wild".

The first time, I had commented on a post. When I saw the post come up in review, "I'm Done" was already enabled, and "No Action Needed" was disabled. This is cool.

You might assume the same thing would happen when I flagged a question for closure, then saw it again in the queue. It didn't. For some reason, I had three options enabled, and a lot of confusion:

All three enabled

I was able to complete the review when I clicked "I'm Done", at least.

From what it says here, I'm not even sure if I should be getting these reviews:

As of now, if you have already taken some sort of action on a post, you shouldn't randomly come across it in the First Posts queue. However, if you directly navigate to it (via reloading the page, back/forward, or permalink), it should still be reviewable, with the I'm Done button enabled and clickable by default.

I reached the post through the review queue, not any of these methods:

  • reloading the page, back/forward, or permalink

The same bug was already mentioned at Both "No Action Needed" and "I'm Done" enabled when reviewing a post for the second time, but that was 4 years ago and a slightly different situation. The situation would have changed due to this fix, obscuring the issue.

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