I just noticed this issue on the bounty tooltip of this answer:

enter image description here

This answer has been awarded bounties worth 150 reputation by Rand al'Thor and Rand al'Thor

(emphasis mine)

I understand that the user has awarded two bounties on this answer, but displaying the name twice still seems a bit odd to me. The plural of "bounty" is enough to deduce that, in my opinion.

First I thought that maybe another user in this community has the same name, but searching all users only returns one result. Of course there is a possibility this user's account was deleted, but I think the chance of that is not that high to not ask this here.

Edit: The question history proves that both bounties were awarded by the same user.

I know it's a minor bug, but can this please be fixed so that each user can only be mentioned once in the bounty tooltip?

  • Who would be interested in knowing who awarded a bounty and how many times? I have never seen the tooltip on any bounty before and I didn't know it could be awarded twice by the same user. I don't think the tooltip itself is necessary. – Rathony Sep 9 '16 at 16:15

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