I'm beginning some research into bots on the StackExchange platform, and I was wondering if there was a (reliable) way to get information about a chat, particularly a list of Room Owners for any given public-facing chat.

Ideally, this would be in a machine-readable format in such a way that would allow me to have to avoid scraping the Access tab of my bot's assigned chatroom.

As such, is there a JSON (or similar) endpoint where I can get this and other metadata about chat?

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You can see from the API docs that there are no provisions for chat.

You can go to Stack Apps and upvote this feature request, but it has been deferred since November 2010.

But before that, chat API access was declined by Jeff Atwood in July 2010.


PS: So far have not uncovered any likely JSON GETs that the chat pages themselves use for this, either. And the chat directory pages load basic room info even when AJAX/JS is turned off. (Scraping may be your only recourse.)

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