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On Movies & TV Stackexchange, we got a new question about 1996's film Romeo + Juliet. We are using the tag for it but I tried to make it more accurate by making it by synonym method. When I suggested that new tag synonym, it appeared as two different tags in individual tag synonym section but looked perfectly fine on synonym page (-- /tags/synonyms).

So I approved it and swap/merge it but its working quite weirdly, whenever I click on this tag from question itself, it take me to the page https://movies.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/romeo%2bjuliet and url redirection making it into two tags and breaking the link to the older question belongs to same tag. Similarly if I try to edit any question with that tag, it break it into two tags.

So it seems like + is not a supported sign for tag but then why it's even allowed to be entered during synonymization?

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