Suggest to expose close votes distinguished by reason in question timeline page after question is closed.

Purpose of this feature is to help in discussing cases of closure when knowing vote split would be useful to avoid unnecessary tension. "Oh no I would never ever close this as unclear! I swear I picked some other reason, it is not my fault!"


Exposing close votes in the timeline is probably the easiest of all options here: doesn't require backfilling data for close records, doesn't require adding stuff to the data-dump... If folks are happy to see their close votes exposed on an obscure page, that's actually feasible. Post a specific feature-request, please.

The reason we display a big banner with large text when a question is closed is to show the author and any passers-by that the questions isn't a good fit for the site. In the case of the author, we want them to know what they can fix. Throwing several reasons at them at once, especially if they're just top-level reasons without full explanations, isn't very helpful. How do you choose where to start if you see four lines of giant text screaming at you? You probably don't; you probably just walk away.

The close reason that receives the majority of votes is usually a good indicator of what the primary problem is...


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Based on our current roadmap, we don't have immediate plans to work on this request. However, we are planning to start some discovery work in late 2021 on the question close experience and will revisit this request when we start on that project.


This remains fairly trivial compared to the other requests for breaking out close reasons, as the information is already displayed in the timeline for moderators.

In light of that, I would recommend one small tweak to the proposal:

Display all non-pending close and reopen votes in the timeline.

...where non-pending just means they've either already taken effect, or will never take effect. E.g., the question has been closed or reopened, the vote has aged away or been retracted.

This avoids potentially misleading situations where a post is closed with some aged or retracted votes which nevertheless had an influence on closure (kicking off review, prompting edits, etc). Also has a nice symmetry with the rule for displaying review tasks.

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