I wanted to ask a question about my Samsung phone's battery. It turns out I can't ask that question on Super User, since according to their official on-topic page:

and it is not about ... [] ... cell phones or smartphones, except insofar as they interface with your computer...

Also, you can't ask that question on Hardware Recommendations because their official on-topic page says:

We cannot help with technical issues with existing hardware.

I asked my question there and the on-hold reason is enlightening:

"Technical support request — Questions asking about troubleshooting hardware or technical support for hardware are off-topic for Hardware Recommendations because the site is here to provide pre-purchase hardware recommendations and to recommend hardware for a specific task, rather than to support existing devices. You may get help on Super User." – ArtOfCode

But actually as I said up there, you can't ask on Super User. I did it and got the aforementioned response.

There are:

But if my phone is a Samsung and it's not about the OS (the question is about hardware, the battery specifically, which has nothing to do with Android) then there is no option.

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