Every now and again on a Stack Exchange site, I run across an edit that I want to reject with a custom reject message. So the typical procedure kicks in:

  • click reject
  • select custom message
  • focus the text area
  • type
    (and this is where muscle memory kicks in:)
  • hit tab, hit enter

The box goes away, but I am perplexed. The suggested edit review post is still there. It takes me a while to realise what happened: rather than jumping to reject (or whatever it’s called; I don’t get too many suggested edits on the sites I frequent) the first tab stop is cancel! So on we go:

  • swear
  • click reject again
  • select custom message again
  • focus the text area again
  • try to remember what I typed, type somthing similar
  • hit tab only just remember not to hit enter
  • use the mouse to navigate to the correct button
  • reject the edit.

Could the Stack Exchange team please modify this overly long workflow so that all the bullet points between hit tab, hit enter and reject the edit are removed; i.e. could the first ‘tab stop’ after the text box please be perform that action rather than cancel?

(If this is designed to prevent overly rash rejections it doesn’t fulfil its intention: if I actually made an effort to type a reject reason I have obviously thought everything through and know what I’m doing.)

(For some reason, mod notice flags don’t work like this; tab+enter there posts the flag. Thus, I see no reason why it doesn’t work for edit rejects.)

  • 1
    If the sites have successfully trolled you, I can sleep better at night.
    – M.A.R.
    Oct 5, 2016 at 18:22


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