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Please allow image uploads directly onto the site.

Having to find a choose an image hosting before you can put a image in a question/answers is unnecessary pain.

There is also the problem that a lot of corporate proxy servers block different image storage sites, so some users can not see the images in some questions/answers.

As time go on, more and more questions/answers will images will be broken due to image hosting sites going down etc.

Given that a image can be worth a 100 words and some questions/answers greatly benefit from them, I don’t wish old posts on StackOverflow (etc) to become less useful due to these problem.

(I understand not providing image hosting at first, as it is not the most important thing to provide, however I cost of the not providing it is now more then the cost of providing it.)

See "Image hosting for StackOverflow" for a list of image hosting sites that can be used until this is fixed.

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