Exactly as the title says, in the votes tab, for each vote if it was made in a review task, I suggest adding a link to that respective review task. This way users can go back and look at what other people voted for the same review task.

For example, say I was doing a review task and voted to close a question that I wasn't entirely sure about. After I vote to close it, I click the back button and notice that I was the first person to vote on it, so I'm still unsure if it was the right decision or not. A few days later I am on my votes tab and but notice it's still open, so I can click to see that I was the only one out of several voters that voted to close it, so I know I may have been a bit harsh with that vote.

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This isn't exactly what you're asking for, but it is useful:

Under your "all actions" tab, there's a "reviews" subtab. That shows your review history from all queues. Clicking your verdict on the left (e.g. "Looks OK") takes you to the corresponding review task (example), while clicking the post name just takes you to the post.

what to click image edited to move the subtabs left so the picture isn't super wide

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