From the inception of Anime.SE until about May of this year, the tag "identification-request" was permitted on our site. This led to us accruing around 3500 of these questions total (including deleted questions). About 400 are still extant, making this the third-largest tag on our site.

In May 2016, we blacklisted this tag, so no new questions can have this tag. However, because we preserved 400 of these questions (they're all historical-locked), it still shows up as one of the tags that non-logged-in users see on the front page of the site:

red freehand circle

This is undesirable - we have blacklisted this tag because we don't want people to ask questions with this tag! And if they try, they'll find they can't, which I'm sure is frustrating.

I think it makes sense to hide blacklisted tags from the "Explore Our Questions" section for non-logged-in users, so I am requesting this feature. (Our site is very long-tailed and somewhat slow, so it will be years before the tags ranked 4 through 11 accrue enough questions to bump "identification-request" off the list organically.)

See also: Remove [identification-request] from front page when not logged in (the same request on our child meta)

  • It’s not only the new question speed but also the fact that there is a very large number of animes each with a tag but with very few usages per tag.
    – Jan
    Commented Oct 21, 2016 at 16:54


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