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I have edited a number of posts on SO, recently there seems to be bug when uploading a image to question.

Consider for example if user uploads an image in their question it looks like below:

enter image description here

So users like me have to add ! before the braces of image description. Then the image works fine from there on. Like below:

enter image description here

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  • No bug, it's by design. Users with less than 10 reputation on SO can't upload images, as the answer in the linked post says: "The restriction has therefore simply been removed on all sites except Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Ask Ubuntu and Super User" – ShaWiz Oct 27 '16 at 11:52

That is often because low-reputation users can't post images on Stack Overflow (and some other sites).

The ! is removed so we as experienced users can check if the image is okay before everybody sees it.

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