On Meta Stack Overflow, I have a recent answer scoring 11 for . The funny thing is that my tag score for has updated to 11, but and are still stuck at 5.


The problem is not that the tag scores haven't updated—I know that the tag scores are cached. The problem is that the tag score for has updated, while the tag scores for and have not.


Alright, took me a bit to figure out what's going on (and it's funny it took so long, because I wrote the code that's doing the updating).

Normally, those tag stats on your profile are recalculated nightly, around 04:00 UTC. However, because you started tracking the badge in your user profile, we'll update that particular badge's counts much sooner, about once an hour.

As to why the other tags ( and ) are still at 5, well, that was the answer score last night at 04:00 UTC. The answer picked up another 6 upvotes today.

The numbers should be reconciled after the job runs tonight, so check back after 04:00 UTC :)

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  • I guess I should probably edit the question to clarify. (Yes, I saw this before it was deleted.) – Nissa Oct 28 '16 at 2:37
  • Nah, your question is fine - I completely forgot about the just-in-time updating of tracked tag badges, and the DB had some misleading info about the last time those values were updated (they were all showing 4:01 UTC). I've checked in some code to properly update the last update timestamp and some comments, so hopefully it won't take me so long to figure it out! – Jarrod Dixon Oct 28 '16 at 2:40
  • @JD you actually missed me clarifying the question to another user in the comments. – Nissa Oct 28 '16 at 2:56

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