The international Stack Overflow sites in Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese seem to have a bug in their quick site descriptions (under their titles), for they all start with the word


in English, instead of their respective languages

As an example, the Spanish Stack Overflow site description is:

For programadores y profesionales de la informática

Obviously, this isn't something too big of a deal, but since they offer those sites in their respective languages, it would be nice if this issue were fixed.

You can see this under "More communities" in the top bar.

enter image description here

You can also see this on the All Sites page, where the descriptions begin with

Q&A for...

enter image description here


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The first issue (for a top bar) is done now:

top bar SO

But the rest (on stackexhange site list) still is an issue.


The descriptions on the Site List have been updated.

See below for the changes.

enter image description here


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