Yesterday I posted a question on the Mathematics Stack exchange. I received some answers to which I added a comment, trying to apply an @ tag for the user that wrote the answer. However, when I usually do this, a popup box for auto-completion usually comes up. This time it didn't, but I continued to type the full name out anyway and posted the comment. But, the @ tag was removed from the published comment. This has worked before in the past, why is it not working now?

Additional info:

  1. I always put the tag first before writing anything else

  2. It has worked in the past

  3. I have tried multiple tests with other posts, using other names. That is, it is persistent and reproducible

  4. I have closed down my browser, tried different browsers, indeed different devices! Same result.

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You probably tried to ping the author of that answer. That is superfluous - the author always gets notified if somebody posts a comment on his/her answer.

enter image description here

You can try this with my answer (as long as nobody else comments on it).

  • Yes, this makes sense! I just looked back at all the posts where I have used tags and they have only been present when referring to other commenters, or the poster of the answer when other commenters have already commented. Thanks! Nov 5, 2016 at 11:02

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