When creating a code block in markdown with trailing line feeds, it displays correctly in edit mode, but after saving the edit I can briefly see it the same way, then the last line disappears.


This Python quine has a trailing new line. In edit mode, it displays, but not after that on https://codegolf.stackexchange.com/. It displays fine here, for some reason. Also, I'm fairly certain it used to work, as I've used blocks like these several times, but I just saw this bug today.


<pre><code>_='_=%r;print _%%_\n';print _%_



_='_=%r;print _%%_\n';print _%_

See bug in action

In case the post linked above is changed later, I took some screenshots:

enter image description here

After saving edit:

enter image description here


  • I tested this with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and IE 11.
  • This bug doesn't occur in Firefox, but occurs in the others.
  • The "flicker" from correct to wrong only happens in Chrome and Opera.
  • Looks like it's the highlighting that strips the trailing new line (or not actually stripping it, but the <span> the highlighting inserts collapses it unless it's followed by another—no idea why though). The edit page doesn't have highlighting, so no issue there.
    – Cai
    Nov 10, 2016 at 21:50


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