On the primary tab of completed elections, only the top 10-finishing candidates are shown. This should be changed to show the primary as it was run, with all candidates (up to 30).

Only the election phase should cut off candidates who didn't pass the primary.


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If you're after the primary scores, you can use the Data Explorer as a workaround.

select Id as [Post Link], OwnerUserId as [User Link], Score, CreationDate, Body
from Posts where PostTypeId = 6
order by CreationDate

Results here for Stack Overflow. Entries with a Score of zero didn't make it to the primary (or actually got a net score of zero there, but that's probably not common). The Post Link column takes you to the nomination, if it wasn't removed. To see only people who passed the nomination phase, tack on a and Score <> 0 to the "where" part.

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