I am so confused, I have asked like 5 questions on programmers.stackexchange.com / softwareengineering.stackexchange.com, and all of them have upvotes. Yet, I logged in a week ago, and now I can't ask a question anymore:

"You have reached your question limit Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account. See the Help Center to learn more."

enter image description here

Anyone have any idea why this might have happened?

My account is here: https://softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/users/101210/alexander-mills

I have a ton of points over at StackOverflow, so the StackExchange network should know that I contribute positively.


Miffed. -alex

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    Did you click that link in the message?
    – rene
    Nov 14 '16 at 21:35
  • yeah I did click that link, I will show a screenshot from that link Nov 14 '16 at 21:36
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    Note that deleted questions also affect your abilities to post new questions.
    – Glorfindel Mod
    Nov 14 '16 at 21:37
  • the link just leads to this static page: softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/help/question-bans Nov 14 '16 at 21:37
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    You have seven deleted questions, some of them down-voted quite heavily. (And I wouldn't call 4k "a ton of points")
    – ChrisF Mod
    Nov 14 '16 at 21:37
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    except the association bonus there is no cross-over of rep and track record across sites.
    – rene
    Nov 14 '16 at 21:38
  • I would be willing to bet that 4K puts in me in top 10% of usership, easy Nov 14 '16 at 21:39
  • How did you see the deleted questions? I cannot figure out how to see them or see a count of them - softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/users/101210/… Nov 14 '16 at 21:42
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    ChrisF is a moderator on se.se - so he can see deleted posts there.
    – Oded
    Nov 14 '16 at 21:42
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    got it thanks, @ChrisF would you mind sending me a copy/paste of the deleted questions? That would be helpful... very curious what they were, probably many were from my early days Nov 14 '16 at 21:43
  • I have 6 deleted questions apparently, and 1 of them is just a duplicate of another. So really it's just 5. And of those 5, only 1 has more than 1 downvote. Nov 14 '16 at 21:54
  • It puts me most likely in top 3% of usership, not just top 10%. Therefore "ton of points" seems more than warranted. In fact, it's 2.25 tons of points, if points were pounds. Nov 14 '16 at 21:56
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    @AlexanderMills Having 2 rep puts you in like the top 20%. The majority of accounts don't provide even a single useful contribution to the site.
    – Servy
    Nov 14 '16 at 22:01
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    @AlexanderMills you on page 767 on Stack Overflow, quite sure that 767 pages out of 4566 pages of 30 items each is between 16-17% ((797/4566)*100). when i change it to 50 items per page ((460/2740)*100) it's the same percentage
    – Memor-X
    Nov 14 '16 at 22:03
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    One might be a great chef, with 100000 rep on cooking.SE - that does NOT make him a good programmer, and he can easily ask horrible questions on Stack Overflow and get rightfully question banned. Same goes with all sites: having high reputation in one site means totally nothing for other sites. Nov 14 '16 at 22:18

You've asked 6 questions that were downvoted and closed and/or deleted:

  1. https://softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/questions/309735/best-sitebuilder-to-showcase-software-library
  2. https://softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/questions/309736/best-sitebuilder-tool-to-showcase-software-library
  3. https://softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/questions/296949/flux-architecture-w-backone-how-to-use-action-creators-for-all-http-responses
  4. https://softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/questions/294688/avoiding-global-configuration-between-tests-and-server
  5. https://softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/questions/246482/does-one-really-need-multiple-instances-of-a-class
  6. https://softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/questions/210223/is-there-a-difference-between-graph-database-such-as-neo4j-and-an-object-databas

(there's another question that was deleted, but wasn't downvoted; that doesn't matter for the purpose of this discussion)

The questions that haven't been downvoted have been reasonable; still, based on the number of questions that have done poorly, the system predicts a poor chance of future questions doing well, hence the ban.

See also: What can I do when getting "We are no longer accepting questions/answers from this account"?

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    all I can say is, the banning algorithm is being pretty lame, none of those questions are all that bad. Nov 14 '16 at 21:49
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    to add, while all 6 are deleted they all still add to the penalty
    – Memor-X
    Nov 14 '16 at 21:50
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    @AlexanderMills - at least the first two are off topic on all SE sites - they are polls. This kind of question does poorly on the sites and is therefore disallowed.
    – Oded
    Nov 14 '16 at 21:52
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    The ban should get lifted automatically, as these deleted questions become more and more ancient, IMO Nov 14 '16 at 21:53
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    You get one question every 6 months, regardless of ban status, @Alexander. If those end up being good, the ban eventually goes away.
    – Shog9
    Nov 14 '16 at 21:55
  • thanks for the info, however dismal it may be Nov 14 '16 at 21:58
  • 6
    @AlexanderMills Not lame at all. Losing the ability to ask questions because you asked too many bad ones is like losing your drivers license because you crashed too many times and killed too many people. Sure it sucks for you, but it's better for the community.
    – Mysticial
    Nov 16 '16 at 18:52
  • Right, but this is a debate about how many people you can kill before you lose your license, I am arguing for more people. Especially, if it were a long time ago, when you were an inexperienced driver. Nov 16 '16 at 21:48

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